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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 21, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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your dvr. start your day with "fox and friends" we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight this is ridiculous. bodies are raining from the sky. he shouldn't be playing golf and fundraising. >> president obama continuing to take heat over his leisure activities in the face of international crisis. is that criticism fair? we will hear both sides. >> i know you and others don't ever want to give the obama administration credit. >> chris. >> you don't like to get answers. i don't care how many questions you ask, i'm going to finish my answer. >> secretary of state kerry getting frustrated as problems continue to mount overseas. what kind of job is kerry doing? we will tell you. >> he thinks the government should give people free cable tv. >> yeah or if people like movies dvd players.
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>> watters world goes to socialism central in massachusetts. >> what about entertainment options for poor people. >> free red sox tickets would be pretty cool. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight is president obama misusing his power? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the answer is yes. he is misusing presidential power but not in the way you might think. in the past, some presidents have misused their power in aggressive ways. richard nixon intimidating witnesses in the watergate break-in that led to his resignation. linden johnson misleading people about the war in vietnam. john adams trying to suppress free press. today we have a president misusing his power by not
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using it to solve vital problems. the evidence is clear on the border. we now know the obama administration was told a year ago that organized criminals were beginning to smuggle children into the u.s.a. in great numbers. president could have summoned the countries involved to a conference in washington. he could have cracked down as soon as the cartel its got into the people's smuggling business. did he not now the u.s.a. will have to deal with 100,000 desperate children. the presidents of guatemala, honduras and el salvador will finally arrive in washington for that conference. a bit late, don't you think? then we have the isis terror army taking taken over a third of iraq. persecuting christians. forcing several from their homes. what has president obama done to the isis army? has he bombed their caravans to and from syria? has he directed drones at their leaders and their headquarters? no, he has not. and u.s. intel warned the president that islamic militants were gathering
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power and syria. but he did nothing. nothing to stop that. armed the terrorists and ukraine with rockets that shot down the malaysian plane. putin did it just as he annexed crimea. killing innocent human beings every day. slapped a few sanctions on putin but nothing like he could have done. you may remember talking points suggested president obama meet with with american bankers and cut off all credit card receipts from russia. that would have brought putin to his knees. it's quite clear mr. obama does not want to lead in the traditional way. he apparently wants to roommate about things, discuss, create consensus. the signal he consistently sends is america will not right wrongs except in emergency circumstances. the problem is, the president does not see the border incursion as an emergency he would even go down there. nor does he see the isis army as an emergency nor
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does he see vacht as a power mad villain who needs to be neutralized. instead like to ask merkel what shield like to do. add it all up, you get a misuse of power that wheat american people bestowed on president obama. finally let he give you example of how presidential power should be used. mr. obama calls the mexican president up. he gently tells him unless the mexico southern border is closed to all illegal alien traffic, u.s. trade agreements with mexico will be suspended. and, by the way, marine sergeant tahmooressi imprisoned in tee yuanna, he must be released within 24 hours on humanitarian grounds. it's all mr. obama to do. and those two problems will be solved. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining for reaction charles
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krauthammer. you agree 100% with that memo? i can read your body language. >> i think i'm in the high 30's right here right now. no, i think look basically what you are saying about obama not using his power, i think that's the key point. he misuses his power on domestic issues where he, as the executive he takes over. rights the laws, changes the law, cancels the law. undoes laws which you are not supposed to do. but on foreign affairs, i think he is simply so much over his head he doesn't know what to do. when he doesn't know what to do, he does nothing. he takes. he urges, he tries to use moral suasion on a thug like putin and he is he surprised that nothing actually happens. on the border issue, i think it's interesting. i think on that issue he is immobilized not because is he over his head as he is in ukraine or libya or elsewhere but because he is so politically cynical. on the one hand he has got his left and his strong
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support from some hispanic activist who would oppose him if he did everything -- anything serious about closing the border. particularly in this particular situation. on the other hand, he has got the rest of the country that is appalled and aghast that we have lost control of the border and we have a crisis which is essentially of his own making in not enforcing the border. so he is immobilized he doesn't do one or 00 other. so, instead, he does nothing and he makes a few speeches and denounces republicans and pretends that if somehow they had passed comprehensive immigration reform, it would have averted. this of course, it would have done nothing of the sort. if anything. >> it would have incouraged it? >> encouricked more people if they had a pathway to citizenship coming here. >> if you pass on amnesty you creates a magnet for more illegal immigration. >> my question is not a policy question tonight. we have gone over that last week with you and with our other contributors here. my question is i believe
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that president obama doesn't see the border as a crisis. doesn't see the isis army as a crisis. he doesn't see putin as this world menace. and he may see iran as a crisis, but he just wants to string it on out because as you said rightly he doesn't know what to do. he is basically living in a fantasy world. and that's dangerous for the country. ifthat the president is living in a fantasy world, right? >> i think that's true. and i think it was obvious from the first six months of his administration. i was saying at the beginning i wrote in a column and speech at the end of 2009 that this was a man called decline as a choice. happens to be the last chapter in my book which is available at book stores everywhere. but, you know, when i wrote about decline as a choice, i simply looked at what obama did and said when he came into office. he goes abroad and talks about the misuse of american power. he apologizes for -- he
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didn't even apologize. he basically confesses america hiroshima to disrespect for muslims to lack of regard for europe. the list is long and astonishing. this is a man who does not have faith in the goodness of what america has done abroad. he will concede it for some things but he largely sees it as misused and therefore, the fantasy world he lives in is one if american power is withdrawn, the world heals. and, of course, precisely the opposite has happened. >> a lot of people think if they started off the way you described and then they saw how all of the problems are worsening, all right? then would say you know, maybe i was wrong. i will tell you what, i think he is so disassociated from reality. we are going to talk about his golfing and all of that in a minute coming up after you. right now president obama is locked into this ideological fantasy world. the kind of world that they
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teach at harvard where you adjudicated and so did i. they teach a fantasy world at harvard. a world of what should be. not of what is. and, therefore, when you see what is, you turn away and say, you know, no, no, i'm not going to deal with that. i really believe that is what is causing all of this stuff. last word. >> i would like to blame harvard and it is responsible for 90% of the world's ill but not this one. obama's fantasies about the world predate harvard. go back to what he was doing at columbia university where is he not only supported nuclear freeze he thought we could disits harm on nuclear had weapons. evidence has always had the view that american power abrought destabilizing and brings bad consequences. if anything, it's the iraq war that made that even more
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of a strong -- as you say, it's the basic element of his ideology. it's almost a religious idea for him. and, therefore, he believes, you withdraw our power the world improves. and you are right. all the evidence has shown that he is wrong nonetheless he persists. that's the definition of a fanatical belief answered seems to have it. >> charles krauthammer, everybody. things that matter is the book he was referring to. next on the rundown, the president golfs while world problems mount. we will hear both sides. later, watters goes to cambridge, massachusetts where harvard is. very liberal folks what kind of free stuff they want. upcoming. you've reached the age where you know how things work. this is the age of knowing what needs to be done. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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impact segment tonight. growing criticism of president obama because of his leisure activities. yesterday, he played golf as the bodies of malaysian jetliner victims rotted in a
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field today, the president wants recreational decisions were quid at a white house briefing? was it a mistake to have the president continue on his schedule, even going and, you know, before making his first statement about this goods and ordering cheeseburgers at the charcoal pit in delaware and continuing with a campaign schedule what looked like campaign schedule including fundraisers in new york? was that a mistake in hindsight. >> no, it was not. >> of course not. he is talking about the announcement of the malaysian jetliner. >> joining us from washington juan williams and here in the studio mary katharine ham. i said last week i don't think that the president cares anymore what the anyone thinks of him do you concur. >> i'm 100% with you on this. presidents can do things like golf and take vacations. >> nobody begrudges that. >> politic and do the running of the country at the same time. the sense that the american people increasingly and the
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press as well. is that he is only doing the politicking and not doing. >> but there is a way do you it, look, if an airliner shot out of the sky by a missile, i think i would cancel by burger joint. >> that's what i said. it's just how it looks. not like you can do anything about it it's how it looks they complain that's all about optics. the white house is a political place and do you have to deal with that the other thing is if you had taken one thing off the plate that day. the burgers, the joking speech in delaware or the fundraisers, i think everybody would have been fairly forgiving. >> one thing offer the plate. >> i try. >> looking at him playing golf now, and i don't begrudge him, juan, playing golf. i mean, a president has to have relaxation, has to get out there and clear his mind i'm jumping in the ocean and stuff like that. that's what i do and he does that the president sets a tone, juan. this president is now setting a frivolous tone playing pool while the border burns.
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we discussed eating burgers while the plane is dead in the field. that's frivolous. is he not sending the message that i'm engaged and this is serious. go let me just say i have a victory for you o'reilly, that the president has cancelled appearance on jimmy kimmel apparently out of concern for this kind of optics. it doesn't matter to anybody but the president's harshest critics that this president would have have a burger with the american people, the people who elected him. i think this is a matter of people who don't like pomple trying to shame him. after madrid bombing president bush went to have a fundraiser after north koreas exploded nukes. >> how do you know that juan? it's a fact. >> gee, madrid train bombing? how do you know that? >> no, no, no. bill, because i'm so interested in watching how
8:17 pm
the right is attack the president over, this i thought what's the historical precedent here did i a little research. >> you did it nobody sent it to you? >> correct. >> i believe you. >> the problem for juan is that it not just the right saying. this if you pay attention to everyone saying it. it's john karl of abc. >> i don't believe it's just a fanatics. i believe there is a lot of people in the middle who used to like barack obama and approve of him and now don't and this is adding on to their perception here is the thing that concerns me doing a speech in the wake of tragedy. actually somebody he was arguably at one point good at and his specialty as is responding to optics pr issue. he is has decided is he checking out on both of those. >> the one point that juan made that i agree with and i think that's one in six months, juan. >> but i do agree he. >> mark it down is that obama haters is so over the top. something legitimate to
8:18 pm
criticize which now you have got 30 things that people who support president obama always saying this. >> i think you get that toward the end of two terms of any president. >> i would say that i strive to not feed that problem. juan, last question for you. the president is in trouble. there is no doubt about it i he think that at this point it would be almost impossible for him to mount a come back unless there is miracle with obamacare that takes over the imaginations of the public. you say? >> i think this whole move to impeach him, i think that could generate. >> not going anywhere the question question for this segment is if the president engaged or is he to quote bill o'reilly lost in a fantasy world. i think if you look at the fact that he has been pursuing the sanctions on russia. engaged in talks with iran over the critical foreign policy issue of our day lock
8:19 pm
what he is doing in terms of all of these international efforts. >> working out, is it juan. >> no. is our american leader standing as american leader or is it the case that you just want him to go to war? >> juan, the san diego padres are engaged. they show up to play. i have got to go. directly ahead. secretary of state chris -- john kerry peeved at chris wallace. those reports after these messages.
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why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. hume zone segment tonight. i think it's safe to say that secretary of state john
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kerry is not having a relaxing summer. putin supplying arms to terrorists in ukraine. 298 dead there. iran continues to flimflam the world. arms negotiations extended. hamas blowing the hell out of israel and gaza. caught on open mike about this comment on israel. >> it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. >> it's escalating significantly and underscores the need for a cease-fire. >> we have got to get over there. >> thank you, john. i think, john, we ought to go tonight. i think it's crazy to be sitting around. >> that was kerry talking to state department official john finer, he didn't know he was being recorded in television. he was off on a break. joining us from washington to assays mr. kerry's performance. fox news chief political analyst brit hume. all right. i'm not going to say what i think until after you say what you think. >> are you talking about help that sewed on sunday.
8:24 pm
>> no, i'm talking about overall, secretary of state in a very difficult position with all the things i outlined plus iraq, afghanistan, how do you think is he doing? >> it's very much a work in progress, bill. we can't really finally assess his secretary of stateship if you will, or secretary ship of state because these things are all still boiling. i think it's fair to say that yank of i can think of only one thing he has done that has been crown of success. negotiated the deal under which there will be a recount in afghanistan that seemed to satisfy both parties and that showed some skill and finesse and was a good thing. as for israel and palestinians, you know, he made arduous effort there to try to broker a full scale deal. there wasn't much sentiment at the time that i was aware of that thought that that was an opportune moment to try it. it didn't work. many american secretary of state backed by many an american president has tried.
8:25 pm
they have all failed to far and he failed. i think some of his peeve vishness displayed stwardz towards the israelis yesterday may have been reflection of his frustration with the israelis who always seem to one way or another to frustrate certain american secretary of state. >> they don't give inasmuch as washington would like them to. >> the thing that bothers me the most about secretary of state kerry. and i don't think he is he doing a poor job. i think he is very engaged. he is trying. is that he is supporting this four month extension with iran. which is just the biggest flimflam in the world we have slapped those sanctions right back on them and said, look, six months is a long time. you should have gotten a deal. not close to a deal. kerry says this is great we are making progress. in the meantime iranians are billing this nuke. i think it's awful. >> it could have been worse, bill. they could have made a bad deal. so this is not a success, certainly, but it's not the worst how come that there
8:26 pm
could have been. >> you don't raw raw, do -- rah rah. it's difficult. but is he rah rahing it like it's a big deal and it isn't. >> i think is he defending it more than anything else. to the extent that i don't think there is much prospect that iran can ever -- they can ever make a good deal with iran or that iran can be trusted to hold up its end of the deal if they did. i think it's a very tough thing although i do think the sanctions have hurt iran and iran is feeling them. >> slap them back on. well, look, they are not all gone. they are mostly still in place. >> most of them are gone. their me is coming back. >> bill, that's simply not correct. >> economy is coming back. you you know their economy is coming back so whatever they did is helping iran. that's my point. >> the sanctions they lifted may have helped iran some. but very large sanctions regime remains in place. >> real quick, hillary clinton, john kerry, who would you pick if you were president right now? >> what, to be secretary of
8:27 pm
state? >> yeah. not going to the movies tonight. secretary of state. >> you wouldn't take either one of them? >> well, i don't think either one of them would go with me. >> that's not the question. who would you pick? who would you pick? what,to go to the the movies you know what i'm talking about. you are dodging and deniesing, you are doing what the iranians do. who would you pickery or clinton. >> too early to say about clinton. >> man, would d. somebody throw water on him in washington? >> bill, you are always asking me to make predictions and selections yeah, who do you think? you know. >> it's still jill. >> it's silly, yeah. it's it the number one rated broadcast. how dare you you? >> i didn't see i didn't say you were silly. >> you implied it? >> i wouldn't rule it out. i know. plenty more as the factor moves along this even.
8:28 pm
watters finding out what the taxpayers should provide. governor perry of texas moving national guard troops to the besieged border. hope you stay tuned to those reports. each year, 95% of homeowners won't have a claim. but if you do... [ glass breaking, dog barking ] ...with allstate, your rates won't go up just because of it. claim rateguard from allstate. your home protects you, protect it back. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients.
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factor follow up segment tonight, as you you may know, i called for the national guard to be put on the border for years. they would provide the border patrol backup. could be stationed in hot spots where illegal aliens cross at will and might detain people breaking u.s. law until federal authorities arrive.fuses to
8:32 pm
order the guard to the border even though his predecessor, president bush did. now governor perry of texas has ordered 1,000 guardsmen to the border. joining us from austin, texas, fox news analyst karl rove. about evidence before we get to that i'm going to ask you that same question before i ask that evasive brit hume. you are president. you have got to pickery or clinton as yourselves. who do you pick and why? >> only two choices, those are it. >> that's it five years i would have said clinton but after the failed re-set with russia. after benghazi, after the failure in syria, after the whole string of disasters that occurred on her watch shy clearly was not a strong secretary of state. i have got to kerr with kerry. is he off to a weak start if is he defending the iranian situation and, you know, i was taking his behavior on sunday, both on camera with chris wallace and off camera when they caught him in that unscripted moment. the guy is can you curlish, loos
8:33 pm
like is he under a lot of pressure. he probably doesn't like the job so far i know him real well because i covered him in boston. he doesn't roll with it is he a pa trition. he is smart. he smart. okay. let's get to per undera the guard. i believe this is the right move. as i said. and i think it puts governor perry where he, himself, wants to be in the spotlight for the presidential election. and you say? >> i think it does give him some attention. it also gives him, frankly, i think he is more interested in trying to get this problem solved than he is thinking about the political consequences of this. but it does help him politically, but more importantly, i think it draws attention to the crisis on the border. there is, however, a challenge here. a danger for perry. there is a qualitative difference in having the guard brought forward by the president of the united states and brought forward by the governor.
8:34 pm
if it's brought forward by the president, the guard can be, in essence, the back room, the backup for the border patrol. you can team them. can you integrate them into the border. into the border patrol's effort. can you disperse these people in such a way that they free up border patrol agents to go do what they need to do on the border. if are doing what governor perry is doing. he doesn't have any relationship with the border patrol. is he going to pair these people with the the texas department of public safety. the texas rangers. the texas parks and wildlife. you know, in doing what they are doing on the border, which is not as much as what the border patrol does. i mean more effective. >> he wants to solve the problem because he wants to leave office and he dual that in november. on a high note. and he also wants to run for president. but, just the fact that those pictures will go out to central america of the national guard armed on the border will suppress that
8:35 pm
industry. all right? because people won't be so anxious to pay the 500 to $700 when they got military people facing them. last word. >> yeah. first of all, it's several thousand dollars, not 400 or $500. second of all of they may not be armed under 1807 insurrection act. the act and the 1918 national guard act, they cannot perform law enforcement functions. they can't. they can't. >> they can protect themselves. this. >> they can protect themselves. in all likelihood we are not going to see a thousand national guard guards men. >> the message will go out and i think that's bhated governor is aiming for. mr. rove, thanks as always. last word you? want another one? >> well, i think governor perry is attempting to actually get something done here and that's going to be the measurable of his success is after a couple of morchts is he going to be
8:36 pm
able to point to-to-here is what we con concretely did to stop cartel trafficking. the children are going to be ancillary story. they are going to end up being babysitters for them and these kids come across the border. the national guard going to get stuck holding them until the feds show up. i think is he looking for actual results here. i don't think he is he looking for simply political context. >> when we come right back, megyn kelly on the first conviction in the boston marathon terror bombing. kelly is next. my name is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's progressive pain. first that feeling of numbness. then hot pins. almost like lightning bolts, hot strikes into my feet. so my doctor prescribed lyrica. the pain has been reduced and i feel better than i did before. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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. . . . . . . thanks for stay withing us. spying on the police. in texas a group called block. taping interactions with the public. this is not illegal in texas but it is controversial. >> citizens patrolling for police officers who are patrolling the streets. >> police activity and attempt to hold them accountable for their reactions. >> joseph ty and this man who would only identify himself as jose are part of the metroplex called cop block. they say they are providing a public service to ensure that officers don't overstep their bounds. >> we don't hate the politician, quote, unquote. we just want them to arked by by the laws. >> the officers are actually
8:41 pm
being followed. a lot of times the officers don't have any idea who is following them. it can can certainly raise suspicion. we want our officers to be safe. >> with us now is the anchor of the kelly file senile immediately after the factor ms. megyn. enough on these police without these clowns chasing them around. distracts them. >> somebody with a camera in face. the guy with the beard and he looks like a biker being a police officer requires a lot of patience and i don't think people understand that deal with idiots all day. >> all day long. >> sometimes within your own department. then you have these jerks antagonizing. >> you the bad behavior by some cops get so much media coverage that in some community they develop this reputation as bad people. as, you know, there is a
8:42 pm
fine line between the cops. >> not in arlington, texas, though. >> this group seems to have that feeling. although they gave a statement to us saying we don't hate the cops. they are called cop block. they say they are about accountability and public service and that they, you know, if they catch a cop speeding or whatever, they want to hold him to account the same way that they hold us to account. the problem is no one has hired them or really wants them to provide that service question how they would feel about the police. if you go to the web site it's all anti-cop. one posted when you should shoot a police officer. it doesn't sound like they really love the cops. >> one of the co-founders is named hold on a second have it here. he says is he a two time victim of the war on drugs i never heard it phrased quite that way. >> in some municipalities there are laws against this kind of stuff, right? >> in all 50 states this is
8:43 pm
legal exexception not the rule to be illegal. >> if you interfere with them. >> interfere performing their duties takes it to it a different level. if they can show you are harassing them or getting between them and the suspect and so on then you are in trouble. >> if if they're just filming you fine. >> boston first conviction of the marathon terrorism act. what happened? go. >> everybody knows that the two guys did it. the one guy died and the one guy dzhokhar car tsarnaev awaiting trial. help from three nimrods at the college. the younger one, still alive texted saying go to my dorm and take everything you want these three guys said help them find them. instead of picking up the phone and calling the police. they picked up the phone and called each other and ran over to the dorm room and tried to cover up evidence of the bombing, the terrorist bombing. and the first guy has just been found guilty of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.
8:44 pm
he will be going away for 25 years. they knew, they removed a back backpack from his room and laptop. >> took 15 hours to convict this guy. young guy. >> that was the defense. college kids think differently than we do. >> well, he will do a lot of thinking in prison for 15 years. >> enjoy that. >> the other two are coming, right? other two same charges? >> one of the two facing lesser charges of just lying to police. other one is said to be the ringleader of the three really pushing it. >> this guy is -- when is dzhokhar going on trial? >> i don't have that. >> late fall? >> they are going to go after these three first obviously. >> check out ms. mess begin right after the factor. watters on deck. he goes up to cambridge, massachusetts. find out what some very liberal folks want the taxpayers to provide. very interesting watters world moments away. who's more excited about back to school
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world, i would say about 20% of americans describe themselves as actively liberal. but in some places like cambridge, massachusetts, the home of harvard, they dominate the political landscape. so, we sent watters up there to talk about entitlements. ♪ ♪ >> there is about 46 million people in poverty in america. does that surprise you? >> no, because i have been watching fox news. >> do you think the government should be giving free food to poor people? >> yes. >> maybe a shard done nay? chardonnay. >> why can't poor people eat
8:49 pm
lobster. >> do you have caviar. >> like a ribeye? >> no. >> how about salmon. >> something that has nutrients in it? >> argula. >> do you know how much america spends on food stamps each year. >> i don't. >> take a wild guess. >> a billion dollars. >> $76 billion. >> okay. that's more than i thought. >> i think it's a basic human right. >> food? >> food. >> thousands of years people have been trying to have their cake and eat it, too. >> where in the constitution does it say food is guaranteed? >> it doesn't. >> do you think the government should be be giving free chex mix. >> it will hold them off for the duration of the day. >> what if people want another portfolio. >> entrepreneurial would be a good way to get homeless people off the street. >> surely, you can't be serious. >> people maybe the government could give gold to poor people. >> sure. >> i love gold. >> how much money do you think people should get just
8:50 pm
from walking around money. >> >> $100,000 per person. >> 100,000 per person per year that's twice the the medium income of the average person who is working. >> yeah. nt should be handing out free contraception? >> i mean, yes. >> i think that promotes safe sex as well. >> do you think the government should be in your bedroom? >> no. >> but you want to give out free birth control? >> you didn't say anything. >> where in the constitution does it guarantee the right for free condoms? >> george washington did not pass that. >> do you think the government should be able to give people free homes? >> yeah. >> maybe a cape cod bungalow, something like that. >> just living the dream. >> what about free transportation for poor people in america. >> bicycle. >> what about a unicycle? >> unicycles are good.
8:51 pm
>> about a quarter of americans are on welfare. >> well, it's good you have it. you would get mugged. >> i don't get mugged. have you seen these cannons? >> do you know where the weight room is? >> do you think the government should give people free cable tv? >> yeah. >> or if people like movies, dvd players with the tvs. >> free iphones? >> why not. apple's into doing charity. >> free red sox tickets would be cool. >> fenway full of homeless people might not look that much than it does now. >> which is where i live, little man. >> how are we going to pay for all this stuff? >> i have no idea. >> do you ever watch "the o'reilly factofactor"? >> yeah. >> i'm watewatters.
8:52 pm
>> i'm going to say some of those are putting you on. >> no, who? >> some of the people you interviewed. >> which ones? >> come on. >> i asked them free iphones, he said yes. >> he said free red sox tickets, come on. >> i said what about for the poor a little entertainment. >> yeah. >> said to get them by. he said free red sox tickets. i'm not making an offensive comment about red sox fans and homeless people. it was a beard joke. >> do you think they were giving you jazz by telling you all this crazy stuff? >> i'll show you the raw footage. we asked people straight up, chardonnay, free homes, the guy legitimately said give poor people a two-family house in cape cod. >> and $100,000 a year. >> walking around money. that's right. >> you really believe they believe that? >> yes, i do. >> you weren't so stoned out on whatever -- come on. >> this is what they say. >> they go to harvard? >> this is what you saw there. you know. >> i saw it in harvard square,
8:53 pm
but i didn't see it in the classroom except a few of them. >> five out of the eight people were harvard students. >> is that right? >> five out of the eight. >> and they want? >> and they want free stuff. >> all right. jesse watters, everybody. back with tip of the day, are you a selfish pinhead? we will have a short quiz to determine that in just a few moments. nexium®, the purple pill, is now available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. because the best moments in life aren't experienced from the sidelines. now there's nothing holding you back. this is nexium level protection™. the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand. now without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™. ♪
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8:56 pm
they don't have the expertise to use missiles, but their russian special forces advisors sent there by putin do, dennis. how do you say wise up in german? bruce johnson, o'reilly, you have a chance to be paul revere. evidence is mounting that president obama is trying to bring down our capitalistic society. what are you waiting for? i'm not waiting for anything, bruce. methodical factual way far more -- bill, my wife and i did as you suggested, we canceled mexico, visited canada. what a great trip. i know i was in the yukon last summer, ron. way to go. emir, philadelphia, o'reilly, loved the spin zone. in your honest opinion should we be worried about world war iii? only if iran gets nuclear. all nations should be strangling iran economically right now.
8:57 pm
collin campbell of indiana, o'reilly, i completed second grade, watched the factor with my parents unless they say you're talking about something too old for me. when i heard your next book was "killing patton," i asked my dad who he was. very interesting. i appreciate that, colin. there will be a kids book out about the end of world war ii and send you a copy when it's released. al in boston, bill, got tickets to see you and miller in boston. as a guy who worked with you in the city, i can't wait. i appreciate that, alan. we will be at the wang center in december, caesar's palace in november. tickets go fast for all the shows. see you in rapid city, fargo saturday and follow on billo' jonathan, west bloomfield, michigan. you're scaring me, bill. as a fellow catholic did you write in "killing jesus" that he
8:58 pm
wasn't divine? read the book. nearly 40% at barnes & noble last week. thank you to everybody who has made it a success. finally, tonight, factor tip of the day, are you a selfish pinhead? two questions will help define that description. so, i'm driving along this weekend on a two-lane road. in front of me an suv stops dead right in the middle of the road. doesn't pull off. just stops. nobody coming the other way and i was going to go around. suddenly a woman opens the front door which goes out into the other lane. she gets out of the vehicle, stands in the middle of the road. so i had to stop, screech on the brakes. she stands there yapping on her cell phone. i of course very understated leaned on my horn for about two minutes. the question, is that woman a selfish pinhead? second example i'm in the deli getting a sandwich.
8:59 pm
on the way in a guy has a double stroller in the doorway just standing there blocking access for everybody. so i inch my way around, i'm a little slender, around the stroller, i walk in. i don't say anything. five minutes later same guy blocking the doorway as i'm trying to get out. this time i said, fairly authoritatively, sir, no one can get around you. whereupon he called me a dirty name. did i react? yes, i did. but i did not use bad words. instead i used a description. and the description was this, you are a selfish pinhead, right to the guy. factor tip of the day, don't be one. and if you sympathize with those two people, you are one. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' i'm in town if you wish -- word of the day, it's a positive word. it's good to be waggish when writing to "the factor."
9:00 pm
we want you to be waggish. but not a self-absorbed pinhead. again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, with the united states and russia locked in the most intense showdown since the end of the cold war, there are serious new questions about whether america has a winning strategy. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. five days have passed since a missile took out malaysian airlines 17. despite the rapidly growing evidence that russia was responsible, either directly or indirectly, president obama today stopped well short of confronting president putin. to catch you up on why the shootdown has the world so outraged and demanding accountability, consider the events unfolding in just the 72 hours since "